1:1 Pulmonary Rehabilitation Course

This course is a set of 6 sessions, 45 minutes in length.

It can be spread over a period of 6-8 weeks.

It will consist of an exercise component and an education component.

The exercise component will be a combination of aerobic exercises and strength training.

The education component will be individualised to you, but can consist of discussions surrounding:

  • Diagnosis understanding of your respiratory disease
  • Shortness of breath and fatigue management
  • Understanding your medications and reviewing your inhaler technique
  • Airway Clearance
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Relaxation and anxiety management
  • Managing an exacerbation

Towards the end of the course we will formulate a plan surrounding how you can continue your exercises when the course ends.

You will be provided with an exercise booklet to complete in between sessions and a booklet with the information from the education sessions.

What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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