Inhaler Technique

Many people with a chest condition will have been prescribed an inhaler. Inhaler technique will be different with different inhalers.

Inhaler technique

Some will contain a bronchodilator which will help open their airways. Some will contain a steroid which will help to reduce any inflammation in your airways. Others will contain both.

It is important that you take your inhaler as prescribed, even if you feel well.

Having a correct inhaler technique will mean the medication will be able to enter your lungs and do its job. This is something I can review. I have a device called an in-check dial which measures your ‘breath in’. This will tell me if you are able to get the medication effectively into your lungs. It can also be used to advise if a medication review would be beneficial to look at a different type of inhaler, if you are struggling with your current one.

in-check dial inhaler technique
Some helpful tips for taking your inhaler
  • Use a spacer with your MDI. You will get more medication into your airways.
inhaler technique spacer mdi
  • With your MDI inhaler, only do one press at a time.
  • Always rinse your mouth after taking a steroid inhaler, and spit the water out – do not swallow. This will help prevent thrush in your mouth and throat.
  • If you do chest physiotherapy; take your blue inhaler before and your steroid inhaler after.


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