Older Adults

Older Adults who have been affected by injury, illness or disability can be helped by Physiotherapy through movement, exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. 

As we get older, many changes occur in the body. Some of these include:

  • Muscles reduce in mass and strength
  • Exercise capacity reduces
  • Hand strength reduces
  • Reduction in balance
  • In women, the menopause occurs between the ages of 45-55 which brings a number of symptoms due to reduction in oestrogen levels. For more information on the menopause please click here.
  • The incidence of osteoarthritis rises
  • Cognitive Impairment – which is a normal effect of aging and can vary.
  • Risk of osteoporosis and fractures

These changes can lead to:

  • Frailty: Which is a syndrome that is associated with low energy, slow walking speed and poor strength
  • A reduction in the ability to do everyday activities such as washing, dressing, cooking
  • A reduction in mobility indoors, outdoors, with steps and stairs
  • Falls

Ways Physiotherapy can help the older adult:

  • A review of your mobility and function and find ways to improve these
  • Completing a falls assessment and management plan
  • Provide ongoing rehabilitation after a hospital stay
  • Completing a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment which looks at:
Older adult review
Taken from the British Geriatric Society
  • We can look at your home environment and find ways of making activities easier
  • A personalise exercise programme to assess your specific problems
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