Charlotte Owen Physiotherapy

High quality Physiotherapy in the comfort of your own home
Charlotte Owen Physiotherapy

Charlotte Owen

Bsc (hons) Physiotherapy, MCSP, HCPC (2006)

Dip MSK Medicine 2021

Mummy MOT Certified Practitioner

All about me

Charlotte Owen Physiotherapy
With 20 years of Physiotherapy experience, I am perfectly placed to assess your needs and create a plan together with you.

Charlotte Owen provides Physiotherapy intervention in the comfort of your own home.

Specialist areas Charlotte Owen Physiotherapy provides intervention for:

Charlotte Owen Physiotherapy covers the geographical area of South Birmingham, North Worcestershire and Solihull.

Postcodes covered:

Areas Covered
B11 3B12 8B13 0B14 4B15 2B17 0B27 6B28 0B29 4B30 1B31 1B32 1B38 0B45 0B47 5B48 7B60 1B61 0B90 1B91 1B92 7
B11 4B12 9B13 8B14 5B15 3B17 8B27 7B28 8B29 5B30 2B31 2B32 2B38 8B45 8B47 6B60 2B61 7B90 1B91 2
B13 9B14 6B17 9B28 9B29 6B30 3B31 2B32 3B38 9B5 9B60 3B61 8B90 2
B14 7B29 7B31 4B32 B61 9B90 3
B31 5
Postcodes Covered

If you live outside this area, please get in touch to discuss options.

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Registered with the Health Care Professions Council

Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

Queen of Physiotherapy won December 2020. The Royal Connection.

Opening Times

Day Time
MondayHLP Therapy HLP Therapy Leicester
Friday (am)
Friday (pm)
9.30-13.00 Home Visits
14.00-18.00 Midland Health Birmingham
Saturday9.30-13.30 Home visits and once a month at Midland Health Birmingham